Why Breed Akaushi?


HeartBrand July_0405Headquartered in Harwood, Texas, fourth generation Akaushi breeders, the Beeman family, have a passion for the American beef industry. This passion stems from the most exciting new breed of cattle—Akaushi.

Akaushi genetics provide a multitude of new opportunities in developing markets, superior marbling, quality cow performance and improved health benefits of beef products. The HeartBrand program includes nearly 14,000 head of Akaushi fullblood or halfblood cattle.

We believe the Akaushi breed provides numerous benefits for cattlemen across the globe. Here are the top 6 reasons why we believe you should incorporate Akaushi into your herd.

1. Extra premium for your calves through a marketing alliance. Whether you are looking to participate in our buyback program, want to enter a quality-driven market, start your own branded beef program, breed a more consistent calf crop, or simply improve your quality grade; Akaushi genetics can help.

2. Produce the best beef possible. Akaushi genetics can improve the quality grade of your cattle in just one generation. Akaushi sired calf crops grade 95% USDA choice or higher on average.

3. Ground floor opportunity. Akaushi is still a new breed with a lot of opportunity for growth in the industry. It is truly one of the most promising breeds for the next 20+ years.

4. Demand of the genetics. Choosing Akaushi bulls is a low-risk and simple management change that provides an immediate opportunity to earn a premium.

5. Hybrid Vigor. The Akaushi breed is known for calving ease, heat tolerance and increased consistency in both cattle and meat type. Hybrid vigor in the half-blood Akaushi animals allows for rapid improvement in just one generation but also increases fertility of the animals if a producer seeks to keep back replacement heifers.

6. Be part of something that’s bigger than just your ranch. HeartBrand offers cattlemen to be part of our whole program, including beef sales. At HeartBrand, our mission is to produce the best beef money can buy and we want you to take part in that experience with us.

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