HeartBrand® Cattle Buyback Program

Demand for Certified Akaushi Beef™ is booming! As more U.S. consumers purchase our premium beef, we are looking for more producers to participate in our cattle buyback program. Working together, you help ensure supply keeps up with demand.

How It Works

If it is a good fit, we'll market your half- and full-blood Akaushi cattle through our unique buyback program.
The program details are simple:
  • Cattle must be DNA-verified to a registered Akaushi parent we do not require parentage from the HeartBrand Cattle herd.
  • You must verify DNA of buyback program cattle with the American Akaushi Association.
  • We buy non-hormone treated Akaushi calves, yearlings or fat cattle of all ages.
  • We’ll buy your cattle at a premium, reimburse you for their DNA verification, and provide high-value carcass insights you can apply to herd management.
  • If you opt not to finish your cattle, we’ll send you a bid to buy them based on like-weight, like-type cattle. We’ll pay reasonable freight costs to ship the cattle to our feeding facility.

Participating in the buyback program is not a requirement when purchasing genetics or live animals from HeartBrand Cattle.

HeartBrand Cattle infographic showing the benefits of participating in the HeartBrand ranch-to-table buyback program. Any ranchers raising registered Akaushi cattle are invited to participate.

How You Benefit

Above-market price on superior beef = higher premiums in your paycheck.

This is a win-win decision. We get the beef we need, and you benefit by receiving a premium, above-market price from a reputable buyer.

HeartBrand Cattle is the nation’s largest branded Akaushi beef program and one of the largest overall private beef programs. You won’t find a more reliable and reputable buyer than HeartBrand Cattle — we consistently rank as a top 25 seedstock operation.

To negotiate a contract with HeartBrand Cattle or to learn more about the buyback program, please contact us at the ranch.