Buyback Program

To be eligible for the HeartBrand Beef buyback program, cattle must be DNA verified to a full-blood Akaushi parent. The parentage is not required to be sourced from the HeartBrand herd, but the animal must be registered with the American Akaushi Association. Cattle are eligible for the program at all ages as HeartBrand purchases weaned, yearlings or fat cattle. For finished cattle, HeartBrand is currently offering a premium of 20-25 cents per pound over the 5-Day CattleFax average.*

Producers who opt not to finish their own cattle, HeartBrand will send a bid to buy their cattle. It is based on like-weight:like-type cattle,aswell as reimburse the $20 per head DNA verification and pay reasonable freight costs to ship the cattle to our feeding facility.

Participating in the buyback program is not a requirement when purchasing genetics from HeartBrand Ranch. Many of our customers use our Akaushi genetics as it helps them qualify for other grid premium programs and niche markets.

*HeartBrand cannot guarantee currently advertised premiums prices will remain the same in the future. To negotiate a contract with HeartBrand or to learn more about Akaushi premiums please contact the ranch.