Genetic Gains and Improved Premiums

Introducing HeartBrand® Cattle’s Akaushi genetics is a low-risk option that expands opportunities for grid premiums and quality-based markets – leading to increased profits for you.

HeartBrand Cattle's Akaushi genetics also:

  • Improve quality grade and marbling of cattle in just one generation
  • Improve cattle performance and temperament
  • Hybrid vigor in your herd
  • Provide access to a growing U.S. market for this high-end beef through our buyback program

Regardless of production goals, Akaushi cattle will return you more.

Akaushi sired calf crops grade
USDA Choice and higher on average

Advantages of Akaushi Genetics

While improved carcass quality is an obvious advantage to using Akaushi or any other Wagyu breed, Akaushi offers many other added benefits.

  • Bull longevity – Akaushi bulls typically live 10+ years and often double the quality grade and minimize yield grade 4s and 5s
  • Cow longevity – Akaushi cows average 8 years of calving and are known for their high fertility, calving ease and quality udders, feet and legs
  • Environmental adaptability – The Akaushi breed is successful across all climates, including cold, heat, high altitude, etc.
  • Increased consistency – In both cattle and meat type
  • Hybrid Vigor – Allows for rapid improvement in just one generation and increases the fertility of the animals if a producer seeks to keep back replacement heifers
Hear why ranchers across the country chose to add HeartBrand Cattle's Akaushi genetics to their herd.

Add Akaushi to Your Current Cow-Base

HeartBrand Cattle offers convenient ways to add Akaushi genetics to your current cow-base and can make an immediate impact on your calf crop. HeartBrand's Akaushi cattle have been crossed with 13 different breeds — in each case, they’ve doubled the grade and improved yield. Adding HeartBrand Cattle's Akaushi genetics is a low-risk and simple management change that provides an immediate opportunity to earn a premium. The producer keeps the cowherd they've spent years developing, the vaccine and protocol supplement remain the same, but Akaushi half-blood offspring are worth more.

Whether you are looking to participate in our buyback program, want to enter a quality-driven market, start your own branded beef program, breed a more consistent calf crop or improve your quality grade, HeartBrand Cattle's Akaushi genetics can help. Our program is not cookie-cutter or one-size-fits-all all, and we offer our genetics for sale through bulls, semen, donors and embryos. 


HeartBrand Cattle's Akaushi Genetics Are Used Around the World

HeartBrand Cattle's Akaushi genetics are used around the world for hybrid vigor, increased premium opportunities and cattle performance. Producers from Columbia, Venezuela, Brazil, Australia, and North America trust HeartBrand Cattle's Akaushi genetics to help grow their profits and their programs.