Elevate Your Herd

Elevate your herd – and your profits – with an Akaushi bull.

HeartBrand Cattle bulls provide you with:

  • Low-risk management practice – Akaushi are known for their longevity and fertility
  • Higher premiums through our unique buyback program – Akaushi-sired cattle receive an average premium of $100 to $150/head on weaned Akaushi calves and fat cattle
  • Improved USDA quality grade - on average Akaushi sired calf crops grade 95% USDA choice and higher

Choosing Akaushi bulls is a low-risk and simple management change that provides an immediate opportunity to earn a premium. The producer keeps the cowherd he’s spent years developing, the vaccine and protocol supplement remain the same, but Akaushi half-blood offspring are worth more. Compared to other programs that often require a large upfront investments, adding Akaushi genetics or participating in our buyback program is a easy way for a producer to improve their bottom line.


Our Bulls

The bulls HeartBrand Cattle offers to sell are fullblood or purebred (15/16 or higher), registered and DNA verified through the American Akaushi Association. These bulls also have Breeding Soundness Exams performed and are certified Trich free by a veterinarian before our sales.ll of our bulls are DNA verified to be Fullblood or Purebred Akaushi. To make an Akaushi bull your next herd sire, please contact us to visit the ranch and discuss availability.

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