Announcing our Fall Kickoff Sale Event!

Join us on Tuesday, September 17 at 3 p.m. CST for a live online auction where we’ll sell 150 bulls and 50 Akaushi females. A great opportunity to add PRIME HeartBrand Cattle genetics to your breeding program. Catalogs will be mailed by request only.
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The Akaushi Advantage

Superior Carcass Quality Without Compromising Performance


Introducing HeartBrand® Cattle’s Akaushi genetics is a low-risk option that expands opportunities for grid premiums and quality-based markets – leading to increased profits for you.

HeartBrand Cattle Akaushi genetics also:
• Improve quality grade and marbling of cattle in just one generation
• Improve cattle performance and temperament
• Hybrid vigor in your herd
• Provide access to a growing U.S. market for this high-end beef

Add Akaushi Genetics to Your Current Cow Base

If you want to earn a higher premium and double the prime grade in just one generation, consider adding HeartBrand Cattle's Akaushi genetics to your herd. With Akaushi beef in high demand, HeartBrand Cattle's Akaushi genetics are a fast way to increase your herd’s profitability.

HeartBrand Cattle offers convenient ways to add Akaushi genetics to your current cow-base and our unique buyback program can offer a way to raise your grades and your premiums.