Texas Ranch Helps Brazil Boost Beef Quality


Pallets filled with American Akaushi cattle genetics are about to make a long trip from Elgin, Texas to Brazil. In a monumental moment for beef quality, HeartBrand Beef will ship 32,440 straws of American Akaushi semen for use on Nelore cattle in Brazil. Collected by Elgin Breeding Service (EBS) from 11 full-blood HeartBrand Akaushi bulls, this will be the largest shipment ever sent for both the brand and EBS.

Through a partnership with HeartBrand Beef, Origene has created a Brazilian branded beef program focused on the beef quality that Akaushi genetics provide. While Brazilian cattle producers traditionally emphasize yields over quality, Brazil has better beef market access to Europe and Asia. The consistency and superior marbling of Akaushi cattle combined with the Brazilian partnership, allow easier entry to the international marketplace, bringing high quality Akaushi beef to the rest of the world.

“Our brand is very excited to continue our international growth and increase the consistency and quality of beef around the world,” said HeartBrand President, Jordan Beeman.

HeartBrand Akaushi F1 cross cattle grade at about 37% Prime and 45% top choice, while full- blood cattle sent to slaughter grade 90% Prime. The excellent marbling genetics from HeartBrand Akaushi cattle will soon help Brazilian cattleman improve beef quality in just one generation.

“Akaushi cattle and the HeartBrand Beef program will bring consistency and predictability for Brazilian producers,” said Aaron Cooper, head of genetic operations for HeartBrand.

Akaushi cattle, known as the “treasure of Japan” have made a home at the HeartBrand Ranch in Harwood, Texas. In the mid 1990’s eight Akaushi females and three Akaushi bulls were imported into the United States from Japan and none have been imported since. The HeartBrand Beef team has been developing the breed since the Beeman family purchased it in 2006. All HeartBrand Akaushi cattle are DNA source verified to the original 11 cattle imported from Japan.

Today the HeartBrand herd consists of 3,500 full-blood females and 8,000 half-blood Akaushi feeder cattle. Each week HeartBrand slaughter about 180 head of cattle and sells out their entire inventory. Most HeartBrand beef is sold through specialty meat distributors and retailers across Texas.

This impressive shipment of Akaushi semen to Brazil has the HeartBrand team excited about additional opportunities it may bring both locally and internationally to improve beef quality through Akaushi genetics.

“We are dedicated to increasing beef quality and developing the Akaushi breed,” said Beeman. “This international partnership demonstrates the high demand for Akaushi genetics, which HeartBrand is happy to help supply and cultivate.”

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  1. Hello. Would you have any steers for sale in September, born in Jan, Feb or March of 24? Like to get vaccinated, steered and ready for weaning sometime mid September.
    Like to get about 30 of them.

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