HeartBrand is Thankful

It’s the season of thanksgiving. A time to reflect upon the year coming to pass and to be thankful for all that we have accomplished and look toward the future with thanksgiving.

At HeartBrand, this time of year is one of our most treasured. It’s a time where we gather together, share a table with friends and family alike and, what is most special for us, is that we are fortunate enough to all enjoy, first hand, an incredible product we produced in Certified Akaushi Beef.

If you, like us here at HeartBrand, are involved in a family operation you know what a blessing (even in the tough times) it is to be given the privilege of carrying on the traditions, morals and values of those that have come before you. We are so thankful for our current family that is involved in the daily operations of making HeartBrand a success; and, for the family that came before us that paved the way toward making goals a reality and teaching us, both in business and in life, the difference between right and wrong.

We are thankful not only for our own family, but also the families that help keep HeartBrand running. We are lucky to have family oriented employees that are raising their families on the ranch and choose daily to help invest in the dream and overall goals of HeartBrand. The old adage is that it “takes a village” and that couldn’t be more true for raising kids, cattle and beef!

We are also thankful that our “village” is filled with individuals, families and others who value the ranching lifestyle. In today’s world where there are so few people that even understand production agriculture, we are fortunate enough to live, work and raise our children with an understanding and appreciation of the ranching tradition. Though it isn’t always an easy life, it is the best one there is and we are grateful to have the opportunity to carry on the traditions of past generations.

Finally, we are thankful to live in a free country that helps make all of this possible. As with any passing election year it’s easy to focus on the negatives of our country, our economy and our future. However, we are thankful that we live in a country that affords us the opportunity to have a voice and the freedom to choose what we want the country we live in to look like. It’s a blessing not all experience.

Happy thanksgiving, friends. From all of us here at HeartBrand we hope you take the time today and in weeks to come giving thanks for another great year!


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