Choosing Akaushi in 2018 The HeartBrand 2018 Sire Directory

“What breed of cattle?” An intriguing question for most cattle producers and enthusiasts. What does the breed mean to you? As cattle producers are constantly looking for the next promising move to earn a premium or simply do more with their herd, AKAUSHI is stepping up to the plate.

Choosing a specific breed and breeding system is a crucial step in developing a herd that is guaranteed to excel. There is huge enjoyment in raising cattle, but at the end of the day it is a business. Therefore, choosing a breed that will guarantee to create added value in today’s market while cohesively fitting your breeding program is key!

Akaushi may be new to your vocabulary, but not the breed you want to overlook when you’re ready to bring your program to the next level! HeartBrand is your go-to source for the best and largest supply of Akaushi genetics outside of their originating country, Japan.

Here is why we think you should consider HeartBrand Genetics and Akaushi:
Whether your program targets the seedstock or commercial sector, you are ultimately part of the beef business, and as any business person would tell you, making a profit is key. Cattle that are functional, maternally sound and perform great on the rail are the ones that will bring the most profit to your program, and adding Akaushi to your herd will do just that. Akaushi genetics can improve the quality grade of your cattle in just one generation. The introduction of an Akaushi bull has shown to produce offspring with an average of 39% prime and 57% choice.

Akaushi is the optimal choice when looking at calving ease, fertility and environmental adaptability. Hybrid vigor in the half-blood Akaushi animals allows for rapid improvement in just one generation, increased consistency in both cattle and carcass quality and production of a great selection for replacement heifers.

HeartBrand Akaushi genetics are currently being utilized around the world for hybrid vigor, increased premium opportunities and cattle performance. Whether you are looking to participate in our buyback program, want to enter a quality-driven market, start your own branded beef program, breed a more consistent calf crop, or simply improve your quality grade; Akaushi genetics is the way to go!

Give us a call or see for yourself as you thumb through The 2018 HeartBrand Sire Directory. Some of the best Akaushi genetics in the world are available to you and your program. For semen pricing call us at 830-540-395 or visit our website at